Central Nippon Expressway

Important Notice

There is a risk of heavy rain mainly on the E8 Hokuriku Expressway. ~Please refrain from going out unless it is absolutely necessary~
The E8 Hokuriku Expressway Out-bound Line between Tsuruga IC and Imajo IC is closed due to a landslide.

Special Services

Some rest areas have special facilities not found at each rest area. These may include play equipment, showers, hotels, and much more.

E1 Tomei Expressway

Ebina SA (Tokyo-bound)

Kanagawa Prefecture

This service area boasts the most shops of any in Japan. Here you will find not only local omiyage shops, but also a supermarket selling sweets, bento, and ready-to-eat foods, as well as a host of other specialty stores.

E1A Shin-Tomei Expressway

Okazaki SA (Tokyo-bound)

Aichi Prefecture

This is the largest service area in the three prefectures on the Tokai road. New, up-and-coming pilot stores are mixed in with well-known udon restaurants and stores selling Nagoya Cochin chicken.

E1 Meishin Expressway

Taga SA (Osaka-bound)

Shiga Prefecture

This service area is made up of three separate buildings. The center building contains the shopping corner and food court, and in the south building you can purchase ebi senbei and other tastes of old Omi province. The south building also contains Rest Inn Taga, a small motel.

E20 Chuo Expressway

Suwako SA (Nagano and Aichi-bound)

Nagano Prefecture

This service area is located close to Suwa Lake, and visitors come for the beautiful panoramic views and the crisp breeze coming off the water. Attached to the service area is the popular Highway Onsen Suwako.

E1 Tomei Expressway

Toyota-Kamigo SA (Aichi-bound)

Aichi Prefecture

This service area is popular with curry bread enthusiasts, who come for the wide variety of curry breads, and with families, who come to enjoy the "yukids" kids play area.


The service area concierge is there to help out if you have any difficulty inside the service area. They also can give you information about sightseeing nearby.

  1. If you need help

    The concierge is able to give you information about the service area and surrounding area. They lend out reading glasses, can help with language difficulties, and lots of other things as well.


    The concierge staff are able to provide help to international travelers through the use of a tablet with translation software.

Baby & Kids

Driving long distances with children can be a challenging task. To take some of the stress out of family travel, NEXCO Central Japan has incorporated children-centered spaces in most of its rest areas. Most rest areas sell simple baby supplies like wet wipes and diapers, and many have rental strollers as well. Over 20 rest areas have playground equipment for kids. See the Japanese page here.

  1. Baby Corner

    For mothers and babies, most rest areas have a special baby corner where you can nurse your baby and change your baby's diaper in private.

  2. The Kid's Room

    Some rest areas also have special indoor areas for kids to play in. The Toyota-Kamigo SA (Aichi-bound) has a large indoor playground for children called Yukids, but most other rest areas also have child-oriented play spaces both inside and out.

Spa Facilities

Suwako SA (Tokyo and Yamanashi-bound, Nagano and Aichi-bound), Expasa Taga (Osaka-bound), and Expasa Ashigara (Tokyo-bound, Osaka-bound) have baths for weary drivers to soak in. After a long drive taking a long bath is one of the best things you can do to relax before getting back on the road.

  1. 1.Check-in

    Get your bath ticket at the front desk and head into the bath area.

  2. 2.The changing room

    Make sure to go into the correct bath area: red for women, and blue for men. Then disrobe in the changing room before entering the actual bath area.

  3. 3.Relaxing in the bath

    After washing yourself with soap and shampoo, rinse thoroughly and hop in the bath for a nice soak. The warm water will relax your muscles and make you ready to get back on the road.


    Remember to wash and rinse off all soap before getting into the bath. And when you do get into the bath, please don't jump in; no one likes getting a face full of hot water.

  4. 4.Getting ready to leave

    After you get out of the bath, grab your towel, dry off, get dressed, and feel refreshed on the way back to your car.

Coin Showers

Because we know that after a long drive a quick shower can be incredibly refreshing, NEXCO Central Japan has added coin showers to some of their rest areas. Pop in for a quick shower before finishing up for the day.

  1. 1.Change in the locker room

    Before getting into one of the showers, you will need to change out of your clothes in the locker room.

  2. 2.Showering

    Put in your coins and enjoy your shower.

  3. 3.Before you leave

    Dry off, change back into your clothes, and check carefully to make sure that you have everything before you exit.

Highway Hotel

There are fully equipped hotels inside the Taga SA (Osaka-bound) and Ashigara SA (Tokyo-bound) . These hotels are great for drivers on long rides through Japan looking for a place to sleep without needing to get off the expressway.

  1. Reservations

    We recommend that you call in advance to reserve your room.

To learn more about the rest areas, please see below.

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