Central Nippon Expressway

Important Notice

There is a risk of heavy rain mainly on the E8 Hokuriku Expressway. ~Please refrain from going out unless it is absolutely necessary~
The E8 Hokuriku Expressway Out-bound Line between Tsuruga IC and Imajo IC is closed due to a landslide.


Most rest areas have a selection of local goods for sale. Regional sweets and snacks are available along with travel essentials and other more specialized goods. Often there are items that can only be purchased in certain locations, so taking a good look around the shopping area is highly recommended.

  • Tokyo Banana

    Tokyo Banana is one of the most famous souvenirs from Tokyo. The original Tokyo Banana is a light and fluffy sponge cake with a creamy filling made from banana custard. 

    Tomei Expressways Kohoku PA (Aichi-bound), Ebina SA (Tokyo-bound, Aichi-bound)/Chuo Expressways Ishikawa PA (Aichi and Nagano and Yamanashi-bound), Dangozaka SA (Aichi and Nagano and Yamanashi-bound)

  • Unagi pie

    Unagi pie is one of the best selling snacks in Shizuoka Prefecture. While it is made with powdered eel, this long crunchy puff-pastry cookie is very sweet.

    Inside Shizuoka prefecture on the Shintomei and Tomei Epxressways

  • Cocco

    Famous in Shizuoka Prefecture, Cocco are sweet steamed cakes with a cream center. There are now other flavors like matcha and seasonal flavors like banana and strawberry.

    Inside Shizuoka prefecture on the Shintomei and Tomei Epxressways

  • Provide photos: PIXTA(ピクスタ)


    Uiro are traditional Japanese steamed cakes made of rice flour and sugar. A regional treat of Central Japan, they are lightly sweet and come in flavors like azuki, matcha, strawberry and coffee.

    Inside Aichi prefecture on the Meishin and Tomei Expressways

  • Seki-Magoroku Nail Clippers

    Seki city in Gifu prefecture is known for knife and blade production in Japan. In the Seki SA (Aichi and Osaka-bound) they have many different types of nail clipper for sale.

    Tokai Hokuriku Expressways Seki SA (Aichi and Osaka-bound) and Nagaragawa SA (Ishikawa and Gifu-bound)

  • Habutae mochi

    These soft mochi strips almost melt in your mouth with their sweetness. Enjoy them plain or wrapped around various fillings like azuki or chocolate. They are famous as a product of Fukui prefecture.

    Inside Fukui prefecture on the Hokuriku Expressway

  • Provide photos: PIXTA(ピクスタ)


    Nozawanazuke is a traditional type of pickled green from the area around Nagano. They are often served as a topping in noodle dishes or as a side dish in a larger meal.

    Inside Nagano prefecture on the Chuo and Nagano Expressways

  • Provide photos: PIXTA(ピクスタ)

    Red Konyaku

    Konyaku is a jelly-like food that is praised in Japan for its low calories. This special red konyaku is only made in Shiga prefecture and is a popular side dish in local cuisine.

    Meishin Expressways Taga SA (Aichi and Fukui-bound, Osaka-bound)

  • Akafuku Mochi

    Akafuku mochi is a popular Japanese confection with a 300-year history of production in the city of Ise in Mie prefecture. Akafuku mochi is red bean paste pressed on top a small ball of mochi. It is mildly sweet.
    This delicate sweet spoils quickly, so be sure to eat it soon after purchase. Expiration date: Including date of manufacture, 3 days in the winter or 2 days in the summer.

    Inside Mie prefecture on the Higashimeihan and the Ise Expressways

  • Kikyo-shingen mochi

    Kikyo-shingen Mochi from the Yamanashi area is particularly famous as a specialty of the region. This mochi is packed tight around with kinako, a powder made from roasted soybeans. Before you eat it, don't forget to drizzle the kuromitsu (brown-sugar syrup) to give it the perfect amount of sweetness.

    Inside Yamanashi prefecture on the Chuo Expressway

  • Jagarico

    Jagarico is a potato based snack that is very popular in Japan. Jagarico has a number of regional flavors that you can find in various rest areas. (Crab Stock near the Japan Sea, Chicken Wing near the Pacific coast, Pickled Greens & Seaweed around Nagano)

    The respective region of the flavor
    Please be aware that the package design may be subject to change.

  • Pockey

    While the original Pockey is famous outside of Japan, inside Japan it has many regional flavors like the delicious Kyoho Grape and Gorojima Kintoki Sweet Potato found in the area around Nagano and the Japan Sea Coastline of Central Japan respectively.

    The respective region of the flavor

Products and their availability are subject to change due to external circumstances.
Thank you for your understanding.


Japan is the land of souvenirs. Most Japanese people will buy small gifts to share with their friends and coworkers after a trip. These types of gifts are called omiyage, and inside each rest area there are omiyage shops. 

  1. 1.Choosing what you want

    The omiyage shops offer a wide selection of Japanese sweets. For some products there are small containers filled with samples to try, or a representation of the product inside the packaging. These are intended to help make choosing which item to buy easier.


    Please do not open items before you purchase them. It makes it difficult for your items to be scanned at the register and can lead to confusion with the staff.

  2. 2.Purchasing

    After finding the items you want, head to the register. Keep in mind that sometimes two souvenir shops will be set up next to each other, so you may need to find the correct register to buy your items.


    Because there can be little space between the register and the rows of souvenirs, please be sure to line up in the designated spots so that other customers can squeeze past.

  3. Use your Japanese! Helpful words and phrases

    Kore wa ikura desuka?
    How much is this?
    Kore oh tabete ii desuka?
    Can I eat this?

Duty-Free Goods

You can find more information about duty-free services here.

Other Shops

  • Convenience Stores

    Most rest areas have convenience stores inside the main building. These have various daily goods, food and drink and magazines available for purchase.

  • Gundam Shop

    At the Shizuoka SA (Kudari) there is a Gundam shop in the service area building. There are most unique goods for sale at this one-of-a-kind shop.

  • Farmer's Market

    Some rest areas have partnered with local farmers and have a farmers' market in the service area or parking area building.

  • Vending Machines

    If all you need is a drink, the vending machines are sure to have something to satisfy your thirst. Most rest areas have coffee vending machines which will brew freshly ground coffee at the touch of a button.

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