Central Nippon Expressway

Facilities and Services

This webpage describes convenient facilities and services available at the NEXCO Central rest areas.

List of facilities and services


  • PlatParks

    Rest areas designed so that people on general roads can also access the commercial facilities are called PlatParks.

    PlatParks are provided so nearby residents and others can access the rest areas from public roads.

  • Smart IC Connection

    A Smart IC is a highway interchange with an electronic toll collection system accessible from rest areas and other such facilities.

  • Dog runs

    Enjoy a short break and have a great time with your dog on the road! Outside of the dog run area, keep your dog on a leash and under control at all times.

  • Highway oases

    A highway oasis is a park or other such space connected to a service area or parking area where you can relax and get reenergized without leaving the highway.


  • Restaurants

  • Food courts

  • Bakeries

  • Coffee shops

  • Vending machines


  • Shopping areas

  • Convenience stores

Beauty and Relaxation

  • Accommodations

    Accommodations (highway hotels)

    A highway hotel is a lodging facility accessible from a highway. They are also great places for bathing and relaxing.

  • Bathing facilities

    These bathing facilities can be enjoyed without exiting the highway.

  • Coin-operated showers


Babies and Children

  • Baby areas

    The baby area is open for use 24 hours a day. The below facilities and services are available. Some of these facilities are available in locations other than baby areas.

    • ・Baby stroller loans
    • ・Baby products
    • ・Diaper changing stations (1)
    • ・Restrooms with potty training seats
    • ・Baby feeding chairs
    • ・Baby feeding rooms
    • ・Baby feeding rooms with lock
    • ・Baby bottle warmers (2)
    • ・Hot water
    • ・Cold water
    1. 1. Some rest areas are equipped with diaper changing stations in the restrooms. They can be used for changing diapers.
    2. 2. The baby bottle warmers are equipped with hot water that is at least 70° C. If there are no baby bottle warmers, please inquire with a staff member.
  • Baby stroller loans

  • Diaper changing stations

  • Tatami mat seating


  • Automated external defibrillators

    Facilities and services for safe highway driving

    Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are available at all rest areas.

    An automated external defibrillator is a medical device used to apply an electric shock to the heart in the case of a heart failure to return it to a normal operating state.

Other Services

  • Tax-free shops

    Indicates a rest area with a Tax-free shop.

    Click here for details >>

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi services available at highway rest areas

    With one account, use the Wi-Fi services from any of the three NEXCO companies.
    There are no limitations on Wi-Fi use.
    The Wi-Fi login screen is available in five languages: English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese and Korean.

    Click here for details >>

  • Rest Area Guide

    The Rest Area Guide includes the following types of information.

    • ・Highway maps
    • ・Facility information for each rest area
      • - Information
      • - Shopping areas
      • - Restaurants and food courts
      • - Filling stations
      • - ATMs
      • - Duty-free shops
      • - Wi-Fi
    • And more

    Available free of charge at all rest area concierge stations. Feel free to ask for one.

Filling Stations

  • Filling stations
    Service areas with a filling station

    At filling stations on the highways, attendants check the type of fuel before refilling to ensure safe driving.

    Please provide your automobile inspection certificate so the attendant can check the type of fuel required.

    • Note: Use of the wrong type of fuel may result in an engine failure on the highway and may cause a serious accident.

    If you realize you forgot your gas cap…

    Call the telephone number of the filling station you were at. It can be found on the receipt.
    If you cannot find the phone number, contact the nearest rest area concierge station or the NEXCO Central Japan Customer Center at 0120-922-229 (052-223-0333 from a PHS or IP phone).
    Running out of gas on a highway may result in an unexpected accident.

    If there is a large-scale disaster, please note that emergency vehicles have priority for refueling, which may be restricted for general-use vehicles.

  • EV Quick Charging Point

    EV Quick Charging Points for charging electric vehicles

    Highway drivers with a recharge card can use their card at EV Quick Charging Points located at rest areas on the NEXCO East, Central and West highway systems. Even if you do not have a recharge card, credit cards are accepted.

    EV Quick Charging Points may be down due to malfunction or maintenance. Check below in advance for recharging station down times.

    If the EV Quick Charging Points are out of service, regular 200-volt recharging is also available. To use a regular recharging station, contact the call center telephone number listed on the recharger. The recharger will be unlocked after a short delay. The recharging plug provided in the vehicle is required for regular charging. Make sure you keep it with the vehicle.

    Note: The maximum time per recharge is 30 minutes. (Use for 15 to 30 minutes should provide a recharge of up to 80 percent.)

    Courtesy request concerning the EV Quick Charging Point stations

    These symbols are used to indicate parking spaces for EV Quick Charging Point stations.

    • EV QUICK
    • EV

General Information

  • Rest area concierge stations
    List of service areas with a rest area concierge station

    Rest area concierge stations provide general information for safe, pleasant highway driving.

    NEXCO Central’s concierge stations have been certified by the Japan National Tourism Organization as Category 1 Tourist Information Centers.

    Feel free to ask questions about the highway and rest areas. The concierge station can also provide other information, such as traffic updates, things to do at the rest area, recommendations for local gifts and great places for sightseeing. Feel free to ask questions.


    • ・Information services
    • ・Loan services of items such as wheelchairs, baby strollers and reading glasses
    • ・Copying and fax services
    • ・Rest area guides in multiple languages


  • Disabled parking spaces

    All rest areas have designated disabled parking spaces.

  • Accessible restrooms

    All rest areas have restrooms with multifunction toilets.
    Communication devices are provided in case of emergency for worry-free use.

  • Ostomate restrooms

    Ostomate restrooms with specially equipped toilets and sinks with warm water are available.

  • Wheelchair loans

    Wheelchairs can be borrowed free of charge from the rest area concierge stations and other locations.
    Feel free to inquire for use.