Central Nippon Expressway

Important Notice

There is a risk of heavy rain mainly on the E8 Hokuriku Expressway. ~Please refrain from going out unless it is absolutely necessary~
The E8 Hokuriku Expressway Out-bound Line between Tsuruga IC and Imajo IC is closed due to a landslide.


Take a break without leaving the expressway! Rest areas have various facilities to make your driving break as comfortable as possible. There are various shops and vending machines and many toilets, ensuring you will never have long to wait.

E1 Tomei Expressway

Ashigara SA (Tokyo-bound)

Kanagawa Prefecture

This service area boasts a fine view of Mt. Fuji, and features a striking aesthetic that will make you feel the warmth of a wooded grove. It is organized into a restaurant zone, a shopping zone and a Rest Inn zone.

E23 Ise Expressway

Ano SA (Aichi and Shiga-bound)

Mie Prefecture

Designed as an homage to the streets of Okage Yokocho during the Edo Period, this service area is a great place to try Mie Prefecture's local specialties, or choose from a wide array of Ise-specific souvenirs.

C4 Ken-O Expressway

Atsugi PA

Kanagawa Prefecture

This parking area was designed with the atmosphere of a samurai posting station in mind. It is popular for its restaurants, which offer a menu of local specialties that rotates every three months.

E41 Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway

Seki SA (Aichi and Osaka-bound)

Gifu Prefecture

This service area is located in the Town of Knives, the nickname for Seki city in Gifu prefecture. At the souvenir corner you can buy not just omiyage from Hida, but also cutlery from Seki city.

E8 Hokuriku Expressway

Oyabegawa SA (Shiga and Fukui-bound)

Ishikawa Prefecture

When stopping here, be sure to try the masuzushi (pressed trout sushi). The bento are produced right in the same complex, so this local specialty is both cheap and fresh.


The restrooms at the rest areas have been designed using past data to reduce waiting times even during periods of high traffic. Outside the restroom there is often a display that you can use to check the number of occupied stalls. There are also restrooms for handicapped persons at each rest area. These include specially designed ostomy toilets.

  1. 1.Lining up

    If there is a line for the restroom, please line up in the designated area so that you won't block people trying to leave. Once a stall does open up, please stay in line and let the person in the front go in first.

  2. 2.Using the toilet

    Please be careful when using the toilets. Standing on the rim or facing towards the tank can be dangerous, so please sit on the toilet as you would a chair with your back to the wall.

  3. 3. The bidet function

    The rest area toilets come equipped with washlets, so you can use water to clean yourself off before wiping.

  4. 4.Flush your toilet paper

    Unlike in some other countries, in Japan you can dispose of your used toilet paper right down the toilet.

  5. 5.The Emergency button

    In the accessible restrooms there is an emergency button which when pressed will call a staff member to your stall. Please be careful not to hit the emergency button by mistake when you are flushing the toilet.


    Smoking in the rest area toilets is prohibited. Please do not leave trash in the toilets. Throw your trash away in the outside trashcans.


Each rest area has trash and recycling bins available. These are usually located in front of the rest area building.

  1. Remember to separate your trash

    Each rest area has many trashcans in which you can dispose of your trash, so there is no need to litter. Be aware that you may have to split up your trash into different types. In fact, Plastic bottles, cans and glass bottles are all separated into different bins!

Smoking Areas

Each rest area has a smoking area. These are usually located to the side of the parking lot. Please dispose of your filters in the provided ashtrays.

  1. Please only smoke in the smoking areas

    If you need to smoke, please only smoke in the smoking area. If you are found smoking outside the smoking area, you will be asked to stop and may be made to leave the premises.

Water cooler and Tea Dispensers

Most rest areas will have a water cooler and/or tea dispenser located inside the building.

  1. Before going back on the road again, you can drink warm tea or water and relax a while. Please do not use the dispenser to fill up your own water bottle, but rather use the cups provided.

To learn more about the rest areas, please see below.

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